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A telephone is any apparatus, system, or process by which transmission of speed or sound, fax, or data between different locations (‘tele’ means distance) is actualized, with or without the aid of electric device. Thus, telephoning means to send or speak to a person using a telephone.

Telephony has to do with the building or application of telephones and telephonic equipment as a means of transmission of speech or sound between different locations or points, either with or without using a wire. In some cases, the term may be used to refer to certain computer hardware, network systems, and software that can similar functions as the traditional telephones; in contexts as this, cloud telephony is better described or called Internet telephony or Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP)

Cloud telephony is the smartest way used by firms and different businesses to manage their calls at a global scale. It delivers a fully automated telephone system that is based on the internet. Thus, any online communication system is cloud telephony. It renders the best Telecom services and yields the best results. Being a new innovation, cloud telephony is open to everyone and is very affordable as it helps reduce business expenses. It delivers telephone applications on the cloud (hence the name) as a hosted solution. It is a messaging and communication service which does not require the use traditional phone business systems like the private business exchange (PBX).


Telephone as a concept of its own can be traced back to the era of the string telephone, which was also called the lover's telephone, which existed centuries ago. It comprised of two diaphragms which were connected together by means of a wire or taut string. This was the basis on which the children's toy (called tin can telephone) was made, by connecting two strings to the bottom of two metallic can or paper cups. With time, technological advancement saw the innovation of entirely new models by different individual, the patent credit of which drew a lot of lawsuits.

Thus, it will not sound surprising to say that the history of telephony is intertwined with the history of the telephone. Though Antonio Meucci (an Italian scientist) is said have been the first to invent the telephone (1849), Graham Bell was credited with the patent right (in 1876) and so he is known as the official inventor of the telephone. Another prominent figure in the history of the telephony is a French Scientist called Charles Bourseul who is devised a phone in 1854.